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Township Manager BDS Meeyland
Người đăng: meeyland
Đăng tại: Quận Tân Phú - Hồ Chí Minh
Ngày đăng: 2/4/2020 9:37:45 AM
Đã xem: 131 lần
Mã tin: 2238
Mô tả chi tiết công việc When undertaking this task at MeeyLand - Oversee and manage the operations of the functional arm of Township Management Department (TMD), i.e. Building / Property Management, Park Management, Security, Landscaping, Property Maintenance and other roles and responsibilities under this department to ensure efficient and effective operation & implementation. - To guide and develop service quality in all level of staff to ensure service delivery in meeting and exceeding the departmental service standard & management expectations, i.e. meeting & exceeding customers’ needs & experience, enhancement to customer services, timeliness in completing the tasks and quality of work undertaken. That includes, the establishment, updates and implementation of policies, procedures while ensuring responding to all requests, demands, queries from residents, tenants and members of public in a timely manner. - Establish the necessary operating procedures and systems for the department to ensure efficient and effective implementation of day to day operations while enforcing quality, risk managing and safety of works at site by complies with ISO requirements and procedural. That includes internal or external audit being carried out in the company with timely closure of NCRs or remedy of observation. - Manage and ensure the proper upkeep and maintenance of Township to ensure they are in serviceable and quality conditions for the usage of the residents and members of public, visitors etc. including attending to all technical matters on site by developing solutions (within and with other departments) to problems with the application of engineering concepts, practices and techniques. - Achieve all deliverables in ensuring timeliness in attending to the delivery of vacant possession and resolution of defects issues raise by purchasers, complaints by member of public etc. - To spearhead the setting up of Board of Committee of our development while responsible all financial matters in term of maintaining costs, recovering payment and keeping good records on revenues, expenditures related to building’s management and park management. - Preparation of the Business Budget Plan for the management of the Township Department, and other functional components of TMD including strategic action plan to The Management, execution and timely delivery on each of financial year with the fulfillment of Key Result Areas of the department. - Contract and supplier administration on all matters related to Township Management including timely award of contract such as property Management Company, landscape, maintenance, security etc. At the same time, to review all existing contracts and come with proper strategic plan on the way forward in this township to enhance customer experience, any cost savings measures in term of economic of scale. Integration between building and park management. - Monthly management reporting to The Management including attending all related meetings with The Management, inter departments and other meetings required inclusive of attending to all authorities matters with regards to Township Management including police, Sơn Kỳ wards, Tan Phu PC, PCCC and other departments in HCMC and Vietnam. In addition to this, all coordination, inspection, submission and approval required by the Authorities to be closely monitored and ensuring timely approval etc. - To enforce the fixed assets management system to ensure all related assets in Township are being safeguarded. - Regular meetings with all our subcontractors, suppliers and service providers to monitor the quality of the services being rendered to us. - To review the existing set up and put in place an effective and optimum team to focus on driving effective and efficient team while setting clear KPIs to communicate clearly with team members. - To deal with other business partners, event organizers on any events held in our Township including carrying out post mortem of effectiveness of campaigns and events which are being carried out. - Undertake other duties and responsibilities as directly by his superior and management from time to time. Kinh nghiệm/Kỹ năng chi tiết - Bachelor degree in Engineering, Property or Facility Management or Property/Building Related Studies. - 10 years’ experience in Customer Service and Project/Property Management - Good management and leadership skills. - Able to communicate with all levels, assertive, initiative and high leadership quality. Good interpersonal skills and outward attitude. - With township planning expertise, civil and structure design knowledge, large development design experience, knowledge of current authorities and land matters and M&E Design requirements.
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